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Rugs - area rugs and hallway runners

Rugs add warmth to cold tiles and floorboards.  They also function to define a section of the room.  For example, put a rug down in the center of the room and arranging furniture around it will set that section of the room apart from the rest of the room.  Rugs work well that way.  Rugs can come in wool fabrics, cotton, and a mix of material.  Hallway runners serve to guide the eye from one end of the hallway to the other.


Rugs from Plow and Hearth

Braided rugs are a great addition to any country home.  These rugs hold a particular significance to me because my grandmother used to handbraid rugs and give them to all her grandchildren as birthday presents.  They are wonderfully hardy and take a lot more wear and tear (to me they do anyway).  The braided stair treads are a novel idea.  Most braided rugs are reversible - so you can actually turn them over making them twice as longlasting!

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