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Country Kitchen Decor

There are many different styles of country kitchen decor.  It's not a one size fits all style where everything is just so.  I will run through the various types of country kitchen decor styles and you can decide which best suits your taste.


The Shaker Style Country Kitchen Decor

These are the country kitchens that are stark and prim with all the allure of much of the minimalist styling but none of that metal coldness.  A clutterfree Shaker look practicality about it with all the charm of a more severe time where one doesn't flitter away good money for frills and lace.  Where restraint was a virtue and everything had to be multifunctional.  If you are someone who isn't into frills and flounces and hates clutter of any sort, then this is the style for you.


The French Provincial Country Kitchen

The French country kitchen is more elaborate in design and tends to have more ornate charm about it.  With an air of daring and fluted edges, it's country living but with flair as only the French will know it.  Classic styling and what's uniquely French Provincial is the washed finishes on furniture.  You can give your kitchen a French Provincial look merely by a lick of paint.

Kitchen furniture from Furniture For Sale


The Rustic Country Kitchen

This is what often comes to mind when someone mentions a country kitchen.  One with threaded garlic hanging off the shelves, lots of wicker baskets overflowing with goodies, quaint wooden ornaments that peep from every corner.  You could go really rustic and try log cabin type country kitchen complete with antler chandeliers and the lot or opt for a more farmhouse type kitchen with gingham and cheerful jam jars chock full of chutneys and preserves.

Rustic kitchen accessories from Black Forest Decor


Country Kitchen Accessories

There's a certain type of fabric that just gives a country kitchen the warmth that it generates.  Gingham is cheerful and immediately sets you at home.  Choose colors ranging from cheery lemons to classic blues.  It's hard to go wrong with yellow really, it goes really well with the mellow wooden tones that are so predominant in most country kitchen styles.  Lehman's is a great place to get traditional hard to find country kitchen items with a very Amish theme to it - click here.

Country kitchen accessories from Plow and Hearth

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