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Country Furniture - the Living Areas

As with all things country, it depends very much on the look you are after and the furniture then gets picked based on your tastes.  If you are after Victorian English prim and proper country furniture then the eventual 'look' would vary vastly from an Amish style country look which is spartan and minimalist.  Or you could go somewhere totally different with a stamp on your very own country living style.  It's all about comfort and what you are happy with.  I'm particularly partial to the Amish country look but that's because I prefer the less is more look and I have kids!


The Fireplace

There is nothing more country than a roaring hearth on a chilly autumn or winter's night.  Starting a wood fire is an art in itself but once acquired, it will take you just moments to get one going and watch as everyone congregates around it.  The fireplace is a focal piece in a country living room, so the general rule for decor

is to arrange your living room furniture a comfortable distance from it to emphasize cosiness and encourage conversation.  A firescreen is a must for safety - don't skimp on that,  embers will fly and spit a fair way out from the fire.  Other must haves include your usual fireplace tool sets and some place to stack your wood indoors - wood storage racks are great.  Hearth rugs are those special fire retardant rugs that protect your floors from ash marks (particularly important if you have wooden floors).  They are usually a semi-circle in shape and are decorative in their own right.


Country Furniture Selection

country furniture - french provincial

The Chateau Labelle is French country furniture at its best.  Featuring classically French rolled arms and plush cushions, it's an asset to any living room if you are after some 'oohlala' charm.

country furniture old style

Furniture with loose cushions like this Old Hickory Furniture is great for those messy spills that inevitably occur when you have children in the house.  Most cushion covers can be washed and if they start looking a bit tatty, then make new ones and voila, new look!

country furniture - florals

After a floral look?  Don't overdo it.  Big floral prints look great when used well but if you have too many floral accents in the room ie in the curtains, on the rugs etc then it can get a tad overpowering.  I prefer dainty prints that don't shout 'Look at me' but add hints of prettiness throughout the room.

country furniture - wicker

Wicker baskets are useful and tasteful additions to the country living room.  Store away all those little knick knacks and keep the room uncluttered.  This one stores away those all important umbrellas, your slippers for a neat presentable finish.

country furniture - shaker

Is there anything more irresistable than a rocking chair?  This lovely Shaker rocking chair has my thumbs up for lovely craftsmanship coupled with unique country style.  Just sit back, relax and let the world run without you for an hour or two.

Country furniture from Plow and Hearth


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