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Country Decors - the little things that count

Now that you've got all the large item essentials in your country living home, you need to pay attention to the little details to complete the look.  It's the little things that count and very often just one piece that is out of place in the room will stick out like a sore thumb.  I remember visiting a friend who had a country style home but the clock on her wall just didn't go with the look - it was far too 'modern' and spoilt the overall look of the whole room as a result.  Sometimes, it's inevitable eg when you have a country style kitchen you don't necessarily want a wood stove to cook with...but there are times when it can be avoided so when possible, take care with the accessories around your house and keep with a 'theme'.



Flower posies picked fresh from your country garden would look just wonderful in these handpainted mini-vases for that cheerful pick me up that is so essential in our hustle and bustle lifestyle.  Colored glass vases also work well as affordable highlights on the window sill.  Collectible vases are great as well for that old worlde touch.

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Storage solutions

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Rattan baskets are just so useful you can't go past them as great additions in country decor.  Tasteful yet sturdy and practical, they have a myriad of uses both in the country kitchen and as storage units in the living areas, family room, rumpus etc.

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Handy plastic bag storage that is true to country living innovation.  Tapestry look that blends in well.  Holds up to 80 grocery bags neatly and dispenses easily.

Plate racks are practical additions to the country kitchen and this plate rack sits neatly on the counter and is available in various stains to go with your country kitchen.


Country table linen

Chequered gingham for the traditional country look.  In cheerful happy colors.  Click here.

Layered floral accents that make meal time a sumptious affair.  Click here.

Pansy pockets to hold your cutlery. Darling additions to your tableware that will delight your guests.  Click here.



This is certainly eye catching.  Rustic country charm is achieved here with this wrought iron screen.  Click here.

Delicate botanical accents with this simple but effective Shoji screen.  A touch of exotic Asia.  Click here.

If your room is brimming  with French country furniture, then this screen would be ideal as an accent.  Click here.


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