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Country Bedroom Decor

The country bedroom is one which emphasizes comfort to the max with plump cushions, colorful quilts all of which say just relax and feel right at home.  We'll start from the various aspects of the bedroom, beginning with :


The bedroom furniture

Considering you spend half your lifetime asleep you'd want to have a quality bed.  Whilst the mattress is what ultimately decides what kind of sleep you get at night, the bed frame and structure is what makes your bedroom really stand out - it is the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom - next to the wardrobe and it does command attention as the centerpiece of your bedroom.  If you have a smallish room, the steel option with its open look will feel less garrish and make the room feel airier and lighter.  Alternatively opt for white headboards and beds if you are after something more substantial.  White has that quintessential 'never dated' look and has the added advantage of acting as a canvas for you to mix and match your bed linen.  Canopy beds aren't for the faint hearted, they work for some and others just find them overpowering.


The country home bedlinen

Your bedlinen says a lot about you as a person.  Checkered plaids for no fuss, no frills and a somewhat more masculine look about it.  Or opt for floral prints for that romantic 'perchance to dream' look.  Quilts are fail safe favorites in country bedrooms and work wonders to bring a whole room together.  Pick out your favorite quilt and then use the quilt colors in accents around the bedroom for a coordinated look.

More Bedlinen from Plow and Hearth


Bedroom Accents

Lighting is one area that is often neglected in country home decor.  Suitable lighting makes a wonderful addition to the final look of the bedroom and your choice of lamps and lights can make or break your country decor.  Old style lighting options like chandeliers and stained glass or pretty floral lamp shades are the icing on the cake.

Lighting options from Plow and Hearth


Take a look at country decor, rugs and window treatments for other ideas.

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