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Country Bathroom Decor

When I had my bathroom renovated the tiler said to me that the bathroom would rank as the most expensive room in the house to renovate (per square foot).  For such a small space and for the amount that I was quoted I would second that.  Unless you have an exceptional large house with a large bathroom, most bathrooms I know are either tiny little hubs where you attempt to fit in essential items that are pretty much rigid and unmoveable.  So in other words, once you've got a bathroom, there isn't much you can alter in it except for the accessories that you have.  Therefore bearing that in mind, you need to think very carefully when you are planning out your next bathroom renovation.


Bathroom Furniture

For a small room you need furniture that is multi-functional and makes use of all the available space that is available.  Furniture that sits over the cistern is a brilliant idea and storage is suddenly increased with this clever alternative.  White is also good because it goes well with bathroom items and of course there's also the fact that white just seems to make a small space look heaps larger.  If you have the luxury of space in your bathroom, why not add a vanity there - it makes a lot of sense to put it there.  After all, that's where all the pampering happens.


Bathroom trimmings

Wall trimmings on the wall can include wall paper or tile highlights.  I think these wallpaper patterns make the room so much homier.  As do coordinated wall art.  Shower curtains also make for a nice country feel - especially if you have a claw foot bath that suits the decor to a tee.


Bathroom accessories from Plow and Hearth

These glorious trimmings are available from the sumptious Plow and Hearth where country living is certainly at its best.

more bathroom accessories from Plow and Hearth

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