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Western Signs and Wall Hangings from LoneStar Decor - rustic furnishings

Prairie Primrose Framed Print - CLEARANCE

Measures 17 2/3 by 24 1/4.. The Prairie Primrose Framed Print is a wonderfully rustic accent, ideal for home or cabinches The image of a mare and her young foal standing on a grassy plane with the wind blowing through their manes is enclosed in a barnwood frame with barbed-wire accents.

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Running Free Framed Print - CLEARANCE

Measures 28 by 21 3/4.. With all of the richness and intensity of a prairie sunset, the Running Free Framed Print brings a subdued vibrance to home or cabinches This group of wild mustangs run and cavort through sparse grasslands as the setting sun paints the sky a brilliant orange behind them. This art piece is enclosed by a barnwood frame with barb wire accents.

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Prairie Primrose Framed Print - CLEARANCE

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Running Free Framed Print - CLEARANCE

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